It’s a specific type of auto insurance policy designed to provide you liability protection and instead of providing coverage on a specific vehicle, the coverage applies to a specific driver, thus “named driver”.

Yes!  A Broad Form policy provides you all the same liability coverages as a traditional auto insurance policy and allows you to comply with the Financial Responsibility Filing (SR-22) requirements–typically at a lower rate because you insure yourself, not a specific vehicle or vehicles.

Non-Owner auto insurance policy?

If you own vehicles or have vehicles available for regular use in your household, you don’t qualify for a non-owner auto policy and coverage is automatically excluded.  This is the primary difference between broad form and non-owner.  A broad form policy affords you coverage in any owned or non-owned regular passenger vehicle not used in business.



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Broad Form Named Driver Insurance

Is Broad Form Named Driver Insurance for me?

If you agree with the following statements, then it’s highly likely that Broad Form auto insurance is the right choice for you:


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